SmartPill® GI Motility Assessment

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What is the SmartPill® GI Motility Assessment and What Purpose Does it Serve?

GI motility is how well your digestive system works moving food in and waste out. When you have a GI motility disorder, that means your system doesn’t work the way it should. There is a problem at some point along the digestive tract, and your symptoms may be chronic nausea, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, or vomiting. The SmartPill® will help your doctor determine where the problem might be.

The SmartPill is a disposable capsule that you swallow. As it moves through your stomach, small intestine, and colon, it measures pressure, pH (acid levels), and temperature as it passes through your body. The data from the capsule transmits wirelessly to a recorder. This data gives the doctor the information needed to evaluate your digestive tract.

How Should I Prepare for the Procedure and What Can I Expect?

After fasting for eight hours before your appointment, you’ll come to our office where the doctor will give you a special meal bar to eat and the SmartPill capsule to swallow. You’ll get a data recorder to wear on your belt or on a lanyard around your neck that will receive the data from the SmartPill. You will fast for six more hours in order to make sure accurate information is coming from the SmartPill. Then you may resume your normal activities. We will give you directions on when to return the recorder – usually within 3-5 days – so we can download the data. You’ll be asked to return in a few days to review the results.

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