What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in or around the anus and lower rectum, similar to varicose veins. You might get them as the result of straining during bowel movements or from increased pressure in the area during pregnancy. But for many people, their cause is unknown. Internal hemorrhoids are those inside the rectum and external hemorrhoids are those that develop under the skin outside the anus.

What are the Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids?

  • Painless bleeding during bowel movements
  • Itching or irritation in or around the anus

What are the Symptoms of Internal Hemorrhoids?

  • Swelling around your anus
  • A sensitive or painful lump near the anus

Do you have symptoms of hemorrhoids? Schedule an appointment with Digestive Health Associates of Cheyenne. The medical provider will make a diagnosis and explain the best treatment options based on your condition.

How Do You Treat Hemorrhoids?

In mild cases, you can treat hemorrhoids using over-the-counter topical treatments and pain medications.  Adopting a fiber-rich diet helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation. If home treatments don’t work for you, we may recommend minimally invasive procedures including hemorrhoid banding (rubber band ligation). We might recommend injection or coagulation therapy to shrink the hemorrhoids as well.

CRH O’Regan® Hemorrhoid Banding System

Digestive Health Associates is proud to be able to offer patients the CRH O’Regan system for hemorrhoid banding. Banding eliminates the need for painful and complicated procedures for hemorrhoid treatment. There’s no surgery involved and no recovery time.

Traditional hemorrhoid banding uses a metal clamp to grasp the hemorrhoid, which can cause pain and bleeding on top of what you may already be experiencing. The CRH O’Regan system uses a small, disposable suction device to gently grasp the hemorrhoid. In a quick, painless procedure that takes less than a minute, the doctor places a tiny rubber band around its base where there are no pain-sensitive nerve endings. The rubber band cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, causing it to shrink and fall off within a few days. You will likely not even notice it. As the hemorrhoid shrinks, so do your hemorrhoid symptoms. Once it’s gone, they’re gone.

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